Your Recovery: 6 Steps to Rebuilding Your Life

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Addiction and recovery are very hard but rebuilding your life after treatment may seem even more intimidating. Fortunately, rebuilding your life is possible and your commitment to sobriety holds the key to achieving your goals.

Some important things to consider when rebuilding your life after recovery include:

  • Accept your mistakes

Chances are during your addiction you made mistakes. Accept them. Let go of them and move towards “righting your wrongs.” Holding onto guilt for past mistakes is unhealthy and can lead back down the dark road towards addiction.

  • Attempt to make things right with friends and family

If you hurt someone during active addiction, accept that just because you are sober, they may or may not be ready to forgive you. Give them their time and patiently remind them that your working on yourself and hope that they can see that.

  • Take care of your mind, body, and soul

Eat healthy, exercise, get enough rest and make sure you work in time to find ways to relax. A healthy mind and body will only benefit you as you continue to work on yourself.

  • Make new friends

Get rid of toxic relationships and reminders of your old lifestyle. Sadly, this may include people that you were once very close to. However, the only friends you need are sober friends.

  • Find new hobbies

Find things you love and fill your days with them. New healthy hobbies can help you maintain a positive focus on life and all the things you love.

  • Create new goals or accomplish old ones

Whether it’s career-related, family related, education related, travel related, etc. create goals and a formulate a plan to get there.

Remember to give yourself time. Set a pace that is suitable for your goals and stick to it. Your old life is gone. Your new life is full of possibilities. Stay committed and focused on your recovery and the process of rebuilding your life will be very rewarding.

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