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Compass Recovery Centers' experience has shown that individuals in early sobriety have a better chance at long-term recovery by attending an extended care program.  Most of our clients come to us seeking quality after-care following their initial addiction treatment or detox.  We have found that our personalized treatment programs provide the level of extended care to help our clients successfully return to their lives.  We are experienced in treating both substance abuse and gambling.  Compass Recovery Center is located in the beautiful surroundings of Prescott, Arizona.

Many of our Partial Day Treatment clients stated they still wanted to be involved in another level of care which could be attended in the evenings after their jobs. Our Outpatient Program meets 3 times each week and includes a weekly one on one session with a therapist. This program allows for working individuals to maintain a level of care and still be able to attend to their outside responsibilities that come with recovery. We are also able to make this program available to local residents living in the Prescott area. We are certain this therapeutic environment to help working folks to make gains in their early stages of recovery.

Our Partial Day Treatment Program is another level of treatment we make available to our clients. This too is a very concentrated program to help those individuals in early recovery. Clients participating in this level of care will initially meet with their therapist to develop a personalized treatment plan to address the identified issues needing work. This plan can be adjusted throughout the treatment based on the progress that is being made.

We have found that this program provides the next logical level of treatment following detox or traditional rehabilitation. Included as part of our Partial Day Program, our clients are able to live in our sober living homes and we require that they get a part-time job to support themselves. Our experience has shown that by combining these important pieces, the clients are able to prepare themselves to eventually return home and be productive members of society. During this level of treatment, our clients also begin to lay out the framework for their transition plan. For those clients choosing to remain in the area after completion of this program, we offer a Continuing Care option. This additional program allows our clients to continue to receive the support of their peers and clinicians during the weekly meeting. These meetings have proven to be extremely helpful in providing a necessary forum that allows for the sharing of experiences and challenges encountered after treatment has been completed.

Compass Recovery Center offers varying levels of addiction treatment for its clients. Our Full Day Treatment Program is a condensed program lasting approximately two weeks. During this time, clients participate in a variety of therapy groups while also doing one on one work with their individual therapist. Topics covered during these groups range from communication, codependency, nutrition, yoga, life skills, rites of passage, and somatic experiencing.

Compass Recovery Centers offers Intensive Outpatient Programs for Drug, Alcohol and Gambling Addictions.

We provide our clients with individualized treatment programs to start them on the path to long-term recovery.

Our Philosophy

At Compass Recovery Center, it is our belief that clients need support during all of the different facets, phases, and nuances of the sober recovery process in order for the client to grow and achieve sobriety. We help to facilitate this by combining structured sober living with outpatient treatment. Traditional 28-day treatment centers can provide much needed services in regards to detox and addiction education, but at Compass Recovery Centers we believe that clients have a far greater chance to achieve sobriety if they attend an extended care program that lasts longer than three months. Our facility is the next step in ensuring full-recovery.

Compass Recovery Center strives to provide a solid recovery community that ensures both employees and clients are valued and supported. This solidarity between our team and clients helps to promote engagement and deliver a more effective outcome along the recovery process.

Our Approach

Our Intensive Outpatient Program offers a safe, supportive environment for patients to work on processing past traumas while developing coping skills for their new daily life. 

Along with to addiction treatment, our program helps clients build accountability, responsibility, and integrity. Addiction is a disease and it takes time to overcome. Our outpatient program generally lasts six months, during which clients will work on learning the skills necessary to become sober and successful both in everyday life routine and times of challenge. After displaying personal success, clients will have the opportunity to help newer clients share their own experiences and offer direction and support.


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