A Virtual Tour of Compass Recovery Center

“Tour the Compass Recovery Center Space – Compass Recovery Center”

Compass Recovery Center is focused on providing an environment that is 100% inspirational. Everything is centered around your comfort and healing. Outside the facility is the beautiful Prescott, Arizona!

 We welcome you to take a tour of the Compass Recovery Center homes…

Get a feel for our recovery facility! This video tour shows you inside the living quarters where everyone gathers and more. Know where to go for breakfast, where you can rest, and where entertainment is found. If you are dog-friendly, we can introduce you to the puppy wandering around! In fact, this pup loves meeting new people! In addition to providing a relaxing environment during your recovery, Compass Recovery Center encourages you to build healthy and long-lasting friendships. We work to make sure you will have what you need to succeed here, in other words, we are also are open to suggestions for improvements.