Kindbridge & Compass Recovery Center

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Kindbridge partners with Compass Recovery Center for joined-up inpatient,
outpatient and aftercare services


Kindbridge is delighted to announce a partnership with Compass Recovery Center. Together, we will provide a joined-up recovery journey to people suffering from problematic gambling. Kindbridge will refer clients to Compass for personalized treatment at their center in Prescott, Arizona. Compass will recommend clients to Kindbridge for accessible, online outpatient and aftercare support across the United States. The new collaboration will offer a trusted route to highly-effective inpatient, outpatient and aftercare services. Kindbridge is the world’s first teletherapy company focused specifically on delivering therapist-led treatment, outpatient services and aftercare to people with gambling and gaming disorders. Their mission is to build the largest network of mental health treatment providers in the United States that focuses on high-quality support for vulnerable gamblers and gamers.

The unique mental health challenges presented by gambling and gaming, especially in a virtual treatment setting, are far less researched and understood than other, more traditional mental health concerns. Kindbridge’s teletherapy expertise and experience in treating disorders is being used to establish ‘virtual best practice’ to improve treatment efficacy. Compass Recovery Center offers treatment in Prescott, Arizona to people with substance abuse and gambling addictions while providing a structured residential component. It provides a safe and nurturing environment that allows clients to build a strong foundation for their long-term recovery. Each client receives a personalized treatment plan tailored to their specific needs which addresses any underlying issues that may have contributed to their addiction. Recovery is a lifelong learning process and clients are given tools to help guard against a relapse later on.

Daniel Umfleet, CEO of Kindbridge, says “we are excited about this partnership to provide services with Compass Recovery Center. Helping to expand the care continuum for gamblers in need is exactly what is needed right now.”

Mo Michael of Compass Recovery Center, says: “the collaboration with Kindbridge will be an amazing continuum of services which will give our mutual patients the support they need to continue their recovery.” Kindbridge and Compass are committed to offering a seamless treatment pathway to people with gambling disorders across the United States. Top-quality care and support are available on every step of their journey to recovery.

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Kindbridge is the world’s first teletherapy company focused specifically on the successful treatment of gamblers and gamers struggling with their mental health. Its mission is
to build the largest network of mental health treatment providers in the United States
who focus on high-quality specialist care for these communities.



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Compass Recovery Center is a treatment center for substance abuse and gambling
disorder located in Prescott, Arizona. It helps clients to identify the underlying causes of
their addiction and develop an individualized treatment plan to start them on the path
to long-term recovery.