Gestures That Make a Big Difference To Someone

In adult life, it is far too easy to become preoccupied with one’s own personal and professional life. This is not exactly difficult to understand, as countless employees in 9-5 positions get caught in the routine of going to work, going to the gym for an hour or two, and going to sleep with little to no day-to-day deviation. However, these workers may find that having a positive influence on others makes adult existence less monotonous.

There are few things that we can do for others that seem small, but that will likely have a great impact on their lives. Now is the perfect time to implement these 3 kind gestures:

1) Babysit on the Weekends or during Family Events

Nothing is more exhausting and time-consuming than having a child. According to, many couples may find that their marital satisfaction decreases as a result of their children. Though they do love their children, they spend time taking care of the children that they would have spent together. Furthermore, many couples find that they can no longer partake in the activities that they once enjoyed, such as backpacking trips or spontaneous travel. Having a child sets financial and social limitations on a couple’s life. Therefore, volunteering to babysit on the weekends is an extraordinary kindness that couples will be extremely grateful for. This includes sitting at the kids table to chaperone over Holiday dinners!

2) Offer to Pay for Gas or Buy them thoughtful Presents

When a friend offers a ride, there is often no expectation of payment. However, giving a friend a few dollars for their time and efforts is a courtesy that never goes unappreciated, especially because the gesture is so uncommon. This is especially true for regions where gas has become increasingly expensive. If you don’t often carry cash, consider giving that person a gift card for a present and include  a note of your appreciation this Holiday season! Thoughtfulness goes a long way when it comes to gifting, but if you’re unsure about what to buy, gift cards are always a safe option.

3) Catch Up on the Wellbeing of Friends & Family Members

Are you actively spreading kindness? It is often difficult for individuals to admit they are suffering. Reaching out to friends who have retreated from their friend group, or even those who may seem a little too happy, is a routine practice that can prove beneficial in the long run. Reaching out is not a major time commitment, and does not even necessitate physical presence. Catching up on the genuine wellbeing of someone can take less than 15 minutes and can restore relationships.

Overall, everyone should recognize that acts of kindness do not have to be grandiose and dramatic to have a major impact on individuals’ lives. Even with limited financial means, individuals can babysit for their friends or family members on the weekends, offer to pay a few dollars to their driver for gas, provide support and check up on their friends. This holiday season, we invite you to spread kindness with those you care about, and see how little kind gestures impact others!