3 Common Struggles for Life in Recovery

A person recovering from Substance Use Disorder has many struggles, but he or she can find sufficient support through a provider like Compass Recovery Center. Some of the most typical struggles of a recovering person are:


The most challenging situation that a person has from any addiction is the temptation. Things like stress, loneliness, and peer pressure can cause temptation to flare. Additionally, temptation can arise when the person returns to a familiar environment after spending time in a recovery center. When such situations arise, the addicted person needs to have an exit plan and a support person within reach to help him or her get the mind back in focus.

Lack of Support

Lack of support is another common struggle that recovering addicts have. Addiction is a hard battle, but people can win it if other people surround them with positive energy. Such people need constant reassurance, love, and care. They also need accountability partners who will hold them accountable for their actions so that they can fall back in line if a relapse seems near. Family, friends, and recovery center buddies can help support the recovering addict while he or she continues to try to navigate life.

Feelings of Guilt

Recovering addicts often struggle with feelings of guilt. They feel guilty about their perceived loss to addiction in the past, and they feel guilty about having cravings in the present. Such people can be very hard on themselves if they slip up and make a mistake. They need compassion and encouragement to get through each day.

Compass Recovery Center happily offers assistance with counseling, care, and education that someone needs to conquer addiction. Please contact our facility if you’re interested in receiving any additional information about the services offered before or after recovery. We are happy to offer support or add to the care a person receives.  Give our office a call at (800) 216-1840.

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