The Holidays and Recovery

The holidays are a difficult time for many. Especially for those struggling with addiction. It is important to remember why you want to recover and why it is important to stick to these goals, despite the many temptations you will face. If your friends truly are your friends, they will respect and understand your decision to not partake in alcohol.

Russell Brand is an excellent example of someone who used to be an addict, but who has completely recovered. He recovered from being addicted to heroin on top of a bunch of other drugs. He was also addicted to sex, fame, and flirting with beautiful women. He even confesses that he genuinely believes he use to be a self-proclaimed narcissist.

It’s not easy to completely change these kinds of behaviors when you are physically, mentally, and emotionally hooked on them, but it is possible. Russell Brand wryly states that he was about as far down the rabbit hole as anybody could go, and, if he could pull himself out into a better life, anyone can. Here’s an inspiring speech by him:

It really humanizes addiction and how easy it is to become an addict of something.

He now enjoys more peace and health in his life than he ever has before. He wants to share his secrets with other people. Check out his book, Recovery: Freedom from Our Addictions. It’s filled with wry humor and useful advice about why you have the addiction in the first place, what to do instead of partaking in whatever activity you are addicted to, and managing all of the feelings and emotions that go with that.

Addiction is difficult to overcome, but every single person is capable of fighting the battle and winning it. Over the holidays, make sure you put your own health first while still enjoying your family and friends. You’re worth it.