Many have heard the expression “A Team.” This term is widely used in the rooms of AA to mean a group of other addicts that can support someone through tough times or aide in making decisions. These fellow addicts are working their own program and doing the next right thing. However, we like to expand on this model and include not only other fellows in recovery but also the families and the treatment team here at Compass Recovery Center.

This expanded approach gives further support to loved ones new in recovery. Many of our own team is in recovery themselves and can relate to the trials and struggles of navigating a new life and the choices that must be made early in sobriety. Often times choices such as where to live, what kind of job to get, and even how to handle money must be made. These choices have been made in the past, but they haven’t always been the best choices. Now you and your loved ones have an opportunity to make new choices. This support network gives you and them a number of people who can help process what the next step is and things to consider when making these choices. This team is also there to help re-evaluate and correct the course if needed along the way.

We invite you to be an active part of what happens here at Compass Recovery Center. We are here to support you and your loved ones through this journey. Along the way you will learn valuable lessons about how to utilize this team of people and how to look at and process the feedback that you receive.