Individual Therapy

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Project Description

We offer one-on-one therapy on a weekly basis for all of our clients until the completion of our program. During the individual therapy sessions, a client, whether here for our substance abuse treatment program or our gambling addiction treatment program, can work on multitude of issues to receive extra support in order to help facilitate success returning to productive functioning in the family, workplace, and society.

While clients are going through our treatment program they have access to multiple clinicians throughout their stay. This allows clients to work on their issues from a variety of angles and experiences, which helps guide them to both self-discovery as well as the development of skills and tools that can lead to a lasting recovery.

Treatment plans are also built on an individual basis and modified regularly to ensure that the core issues are being met for each client. During one-on-one therapy sessions clients will work with their clinician to establish a plan that fits their needs and encompasses their goals of treatment. On a recurring  basis, the plan will be revisited to ensure that it is still accurate and clinician and client will monitor what has been completed and what still needs to be worked on. This also allows a client to view their progress and the areas that they can continue to improve.

Individual therapy can also be used to help a client rebuild social and familial relationships, when appropriate. Our clinicians work with our clients to rebuild relationships with loved ones and establish foundations of communication, this work can lead to a positive, healthy, and supportive way to reconnect and establish stronger relationships for both the client and their loved ones.

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