Group Therapy

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Project Description

Experience, strength, and hope are cornerstones of recovery. At the group level, clients are able to share these cornerstones with each other. Group therapy sessions provide a powerful setting for clients to work through individual issues of overcoming alcoholism, drug addiction, gambling addiction, or substance abuse, while getting support from others in the group.

At Compass Recovery Center, we believe and have seen time and time again, the positive impact that peer support and feedback has on our clients.

Hearing from others within a group who have experienced similar issues helps clients understand that they are not alone and that many people go through relatable struggles. Knowing that they are not alone in this struggle is a huge motivating factor toward sobriety and full recovery. Group therapy offers clients the opportunity to share and process their own experiences while relating to others; this connection promotes healing, creates bonds, builds trust, and develops deeper understanding to help clients overcome substance abuse and addiction.

Group therapy gives individuals the opportunity to see a wider range of perspectives on their own experiences, actions and reactions. Whether an individual is overcoming alcoholism, drug addiction, gambling addiction, or substance abuse, working to reach sobriety within a group offers healthier ways to learn how to relate to the self and others. Group therapy works as a safety net for people looking to uncover their bravery, strengthen relationship skills, find their voice, and recognize their own authentic core.

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