Gambling Addiction Treatment

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Project Description

Treating Gambling Addiction can be challenging if you are not experienced in identifying all of the associated issues.  In many situations, the gambling addiction often co-exists with a drug or alcohol addiction at the same time.  We take the time necessary to do a deep analysis of our clients when they arrive to identify all of the initial problem areas needing to be addressed in their treatment plan.  Our staff includes individuals who are in recovery from gambling.  They understand what our clients are going through and will be there to listen and lend a helping hand with some of the personal challenges that arise during treatment.

Compass Recovery Center utilizes the 12 Steps as a cornerstone of our overall treatment program.  We believe that individuals in early recovery should be exposed to the teachings of the 12 Steps and work with a recovery sponsor to help guide them on their early journey.  Gamblers Anonymous has branches that are located in the Prescott area, making it very easy for our clients to attend their meetings.

Most individuals that we treat for Gambling addiction have brought themselves to financial ruin as a result of the choices they have made.  Once recovery begins, it is necessary to re-learn the correct way to manage your finances.  Even with the removal of gambling from their life, they will need to establish healthy habits to budget their money each month.  The financial tools that are provided will help to lay the foundation for a lifetime of successful money management.

At Compass Recovery Center you will work with clinicians who have been where you are now.  They understand the pain and the shame associated with gambling addiction.  You will benefit from the progress they have made in their own recovery.

Clients will also have access to Gamblers Anonymous. These meetings allow clients to meet other peers within the community and build a network of support in addition to their treatment community. They also have access to sponsors who can take them through the 12 steps specifically regarding gambling, gambling addiction, and compulsive gambling. Having this support and resources helps the transition from gambling treatment to their next step in recovery.

At Compass Recovery Center we provide financial planning and monitoring education; in addition, we cover specific money management options and help clients develop plans designed to help overcome the gambling addiction or compulsive gambling. Clients will receive both group financial education and one-on-one financial education in order to make a specialized individual plan. This plan will be modified throughout their stay to fit their changing financial situation.

We offer four phases in our Gambling Treatment Program

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