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Project Description

Addiction of any type causes individuals make poor decisions and neglect the normal day to day activities in life.  People come to us in need of help to start addressing some of the damage done during their addiction.  Our clients generally arrive with their finances in complete disarray.  Often times, they are buried in debt without any idea of where to start.  Our Financial Counseling Program is a great beginning that will teach you the skills needed to get your monthly finances under control.  We provide group and individual therapy sessions to discuss common budgeting practices that will help you to get back on track.  Your overall success in recovery is our number one priority and we work hard to give you the necessary tools to achieve just that.  We want you to become independent with the ability to be able to support yourself.   Learning to be responsible with your money will get you started down the path to financial freedom.

As clients move through our levels of care and reach treatment goals, they will begin to work on managing their own money, which can also help to support a portion of their stay. Clients will also work to make financial amends and begin to pay back court fines if appropriate. We believe in taking a positive approach to financial counseling, whether the client is working on how to budget or how to pay back debt, our team helps clients make clear, concrete choices that they will be able to utilize once they leave the treatment program and enter back into their day-to-day lives.

Our main goal with financial counseling is to help our clients leave our treatment program with a money management plan along with positive ways to handle their relationship with their finances. We believe in both developing financial goals and coming up with a plan to make financial goals a reality.
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