12 Step Introduction

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Project Description

We believe that the 12 Step program is an important part of sobriety. During a client’s treatment at Compass Recover Center they are expected to work with a sponsor and attend meetings on both a daily and weekly basis. Clients also receive support around what to expect during 12 Step program meetings as well as meeting etiquette. For our more experienced clients they are encouraged to step outside of their comfort zone and get more involved in their meetings. Our staff also references the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous to help weave common language and skills into all aspects of recovery.

We require clients obtain a local sponsor; a sponsor is an individual in recovery who can help those new in recovery to work the 12 Steps. 12 Step sponsors provide support and feedback during the process and often help the client build their support network.

Fellowship meetings are also a requirement of Compass Recovery Centers. Clients have access to a wide variety of meetings in our community. Meetings allow clients to meet others in recovery and gain support networks. Meetings also focus on the pillars of recovery of experience, strength, and hope.

During a meeting a client can expect to hear others share about struggles and get support and suggestion. They are encouraged to share as often as possible at meetings. Clients are also exposed to speaker meetings where they have an opportunity to hear the recovery story of another addict, eliciting a sense of hope.

We encourage families and loved ones to also learn about the 12 Step program so that they have a common shared language. There are many 12 Step programs designed to support families and loved ones through this process. Al-anon and Families Anonymous are two of the well-known programs that are offered. Our team is happy to work with you to discover what is available in your area.

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