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At Compass Recovery Center we work with you to identify the underlying issues of your addiction. Your therapist will develop a personalized treatment plan to help you address and overcome your issues.

Substance Abuse Treatment

 Our substance abuse treatment program is designed to begin work in the early stages of recovery.   We accept clients that have completed a 28-day treatment program and are looking for an extended care program in a structured transitional setting.  Many of clients also come to us from detox and require a higher level of initial care.  Our substance abuse treatment plans are personalized to your recovery needs.

Treatment for substance abuse is designed to initially identify the underlying causes behind the addiction and then begin the work towards healing the damage.  We also work to establish coping skills that help to guard against a relapse later on.  Recovery is a life-long learning process and we provide the early tools to help individuals be successful in their recovery.

Our gender-specific sober living communities provide an additional layer of support during treatment.  Living in a supportive community with individuals who are going through similar life experiences has proven to be an important component of our client’s overall treatment.


Our addiction rehab (including drug rehab and alcohol rehab) treatment is both structured and flexible to meet the individual needs of each client. This allows us to treat substance abuse and dependency from multiple angles, including specific treatment for alcohol abuse, drug abuse, alcoholism, drug addiction, and gambling addiction depending on the specific client.

At each level of substance abuse treatment our clients are exposed to a number of different treatment strategies in order to find the methods that best work for them. They also learn multiple skills and tools to help them find success during their journey both in and after treatment.


Many of our Partial Day Treatment clients stated they still wanted to be involved in another level of care which could be attended in the evenings after their jobs. Our Outpatient Program meets 3 times each week and includes a weekly one on one session with a therapist. This program allows for working individuals to maintain a level of care and still be able to attend to their outside responsibilities that come with recovery. We are also able to make this program available to local residents living in the Prescott area. We are certain this therapeutic environment to help working folks to make gains in their early stages of recovery.

Our Partial Day Treatment Program is another level of treatment we make available to our clients. This too is a very concentrated program to help those individuals in early recovery. Clients participating in this level of care will initially meet with their therapist to develop a personalized treatment plan to address the identified issues needing work. This plan can be adjusted throughout the treatment based on the progress that is being made.

We have found that this program provides the next logical level of treatment following detox or traditional rehabilitation. Included as part of our Partial Day Program, our clients are able to live in our sober living homes and we require that they get a part-time job to support themselves. Our experience has shown that by combining these important pieces, the clients are able to prepare themselves to eventually return home and be productive members of society. During this level of treatment, our clients also begin to lay out the framework for their transition plan. For those clients choosing to remain in the area after completion of this program, we offer a Continuing Care option. This additional program allows our clients to continue to receive the support of their peers and clinicians during the weekly meeting. These meetings have proven to be extremely helpful in providing a necessary forum that allows for the sharing of experiences and challenges encountered after treatment has been completed.

Compass Recovery Center offers varying levels of addiction treatment for its clients. Our Full Day Treatment Program is a condensed program lasting approximately two weeks. During this time, clients participate in a variety of therapy groups while also doing one on one work with their individual therapist. Topics covered during these groups range from communication, codependency, nutrition, yoga, life skills, rites of passage, and somatic experiencing.

Gambling Addiction Treatment 

Treating Gambling Addiction can be challenging if you are not experienced in identifying all of the associated issues.  In many situations, the gambling addiction often co-exists with a drug or alcohol addiction at the same time.  We take the time necessary to do a deep analysis of our clients when they arrive to identify all of the initial problem areas needing to be addressed in their treatment plan.  Our staff includes individuals who are in recovery from gambling.  They understand what our clients are going through and will be there to listen and lend a helping hand with some of the personal challenges that arise during treatment.

Compass Recovery Center utilizes the 12 Steps as a cornerstone of our overall treatment program.  We believe that individuals in early recovery should be exposed to the teachings of the 12 Steps and work with a recovery sponsor to help guide them on their early journey.  Gamblers Anonymous has branches that are located in the Prescott area, making it very easy for our clients to attend their meetings.


Most individuals that we treat for Gambling addiction have brought themselves to financial ruin as a result of the choices they have made.  Once recovery begins, it is necessary to re-learn the correct way to manage your finances.  Even with the removal of gambling from their life, they will need to establish healthy habits to budget their money each month.  The financial tools that are provided will help to lay the foundation for a lifetime of successful money management.

Clients will also have access to Gamblers Anonymous. These meetings allow clients to meet other peers within the community and build a network of support in addition to their treatment community. They also have access to sponsors who can take them through the 12 steps specifically regarding gambling, gambling addiction, and compulsive gambling. Having this support and resources helps the transition from gambling treatment to their next step in recovery.

At Compass Recovery Center we provide financial planning and monitoring education; in addition, we cover specific money management options and help clients develop plans designed to help overcome the gambling addiction or compulsive gambling. Clients will receive both group financial education and one-on-one financial education in order to make a specialized individual plan. This plan will be modified throughout their stay to fit their changing financial situation.

At the first phase or the Partial Hospitalization Programming (PHP) level of care, clients receive group and individual counseling along with access to numerous psycho-educational groups that will help them begin to build a sound foundation of recovery. This phase allows our clients to become acclimated to what we do. It also allows our trained staff to get to know them and begin to tailor an individual plan to their specific set of needs.

After the first phase or PHP level, clients move to our Intensive Outpatient (OP) level. At this stage, clients continue to receive group and individual counseling, as they begin to add back in daily life activities, like looking for a job. They meet with their clinician on a weekly basis to ensure that they are meeting their treatment goals. Stressors continue to be identified and processed in order to find balance.

The next phase is to increase immersion in life outside of the program while continuing OP treatment and support. During this time, the client will complete and edit a solid transition plan. This plan will be presented and reviewed many times before completion of the treatment program to ensure that the transition is seamless.

Lastly, we offer continuing care (CC) to our clients. This stage is not a requirement to complete our program, but allows the clients to remain connected and have access to our team. Peer support and feedback is also important and participation in CC allows clients to continue to receive support and feedback from their peers as they encounter new challenges.

12 Step Introduction

We believe that the 12 Step program is an important part of sobriety. During a client’s treatment at Compass Recover Center they are expected to work with a sponsor and attend meetings on both a daily and weekly basis.

Clients also receive support around what to expect during 12 Step program meetings as well as meeting etiquette. For our more experienced clients they are encouraged to step outside of their comfort zone and get more involved in their meetings. Our staff also references the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous to help weave common language and skills into all aspects of recovery.

We require clients obtain a local sponsor; a sponsor is an individual in recovery who can help those new in recovery to work the 12 Steps. 12 Step sponsors provide support and feedback during the process and often help the client build their support network.

During a meeting a client can expect to hear others share about struggles and get support and suggestion. They are encouraged to share as often as possible at meetings. Clients are also exposed to speaker meetings where they have an opportunity to hear the recovery story of another addict, eliciting a sense of hope.

We encourage families and loved ones to also learn about the 12 Step program so that they have a common shared language. There are many 12 Step programs designed to support families and loved ones through this process. Al-anon and Families Anonymous are two of the well-known programs that are offered. Our team is happy to work with you to discover what is available in your area.

Fellowship meetings are also a requirement of Compass Recovery Centers. Clients have access to a wide variety of meetings in our community. Meetings allow clients to meet others in recovery and gain support networks. Meetings also focus on the pillars of recovery of experience, strength, and hope.

Sober Living Communities

At Compass Recovery Center we provide a gender-specific, structured sober living community for our clients throughout their treatment.  Each home has its own full time manager on premises.  We believe that this environment provides a healthy and secure place for individuals in early recovery.  The high level of fellowship and support found in our homes builds a strong safety net extended to our residents.

Structure and responsibility are important pieces of the overall recovery process. Our spacious and comfortable houses become ‘home’ for the residents during their time with us.  Our on-premise staff is there to assist at any hour.  We want you to succeed and will provide you the assistance to help get you well on your way.  Life in the sober living house is very similar to what can be expected once you are ready to live on your own.  We have regular schedules and there are tasks that need to be completed each week in and outside of the house.  We believe in helping you to be accountable for yourself and in learning to be dependable with others.  All the while having fun with a group of people just like you!

We have clients who choose to live outside of our sober living community, but are able to participate in the therapy program.  If you live in a nearby community and are willing to follow our guidelines, then we may be a great fit for you.   Please contact our Admissions Department at (800) 216-1840 for more information on this option.

Routine and consistency is also an important part of the recovery process. Our living environments provide an around-the-clock house manager. These staff members help the clients complete weekly schedules and establish daily routines. They also help to ensure accountability and model integrity.

We do allow clients who live outside our sober living environment to attend Compass Recovery Center, however, they must live within a nearby community and they must follow our policies and procedures. Please contact one of our admissions team for more information if you are considering this option.


We encourage all of our clients to be a part of our gender-specific sober living homes during their time with us.  Being a part of a close-knit community of people who are all trying to improve themselves at the same time is very valuable.  You will make friends for life as you journey together down the path of long-term recovery.

Group Therapy

Experience, strength, and hope are cornerstones of recovery. At the group level, clients are able to share these cornerstones with each other. Group therapy sessions provide a powerful setting for clients to work through individual issues of overcoming alcoholism, drug addiction, gambling addiction, or substance abuse, while getting support from others in the group.

Hearing from others within a group who have experienced similar issues helps clients understand that they are not alone and that many people go through relatable struggles. Knowing that they are not alone in this struggle is a huge motivating factor toward sobriety and full recovery. Group therapy offers clients the opportunity to share and process their own experiences while relating to others; this connection promotes healing, creates bonds, builds trust, and develops deeper understanding to help clients overcome substance abuse and addiction.

Group therapy gives individuals the opportunity to see a wider range of perspectives on their own experiences, actions and reactions. Whether an individual is overcoming alcoholism, drug addiction, gambling addiction, or substance abuse, working to reach sobriety within a group offers healthier ways to learn how to relate to the self and others. Group therapy works as a safety net for people looking to uncover their bravery, strengthen relationship skills, find their voice, and recognize their own authentic core.


Individual Therapy

We offer one-on-one therapy on a weekly basis for all of our clients until the completion of our program. During the individual therapy sessions, a client, whether here for our substance abuse treatment program or our gambling addiction treatment program, can work on multitude of issues to receive extra support in order to help facilitate success returning to productive functioning in the family, workplace, and society.

Treatment plans are also built on an individual basis and modified regularly to ensure that the core issues are being met for each client. During one-on-one therapy sessions clients will work with their clinician to establish a plan that fits their needs and encompasses their goals of treatment. On a recurring  basis, the plan will be revisited to ensure that it is still accurate and clinician and client will monitor what has been completed and what still needs to be worked on. This also allows a client to view their progress and the areas that they can continue to improve.

Individual therapy can also be used to help a client rebuild social and familial relationships, when appropriate. Our clinicians work with our clients to rebuild relationships with loved ones and establish foundations of communication, this work can lead to a positive, healthy, and supportive way to reconnect and establish stronger relationships for both the client and their loved ones.

Psychiatric Services

There are times during treatment where certain individuals may need the assistance of medication during the early stages of recovery.  We also have new clients that arrive who are already taking medications.  Each individual, upon arrival, will receive a thorough psychiatric evaluation by one of our state board licensed psychiatrists.  These evaluations allow our staff to further understand the needs of each individual.

If our doctor feels your treatment may benefit from the addition of a particular medication, you will have an opportunity to discuss the pros and cons before moving forward.  You will also receive follow up appointments to discuss your progress in treatment.  Our psychiatrists work closely with the Compass staff to provide you with the highest level of continuous care.

Financial Counseling

Addiction of any type causes individuals make poor decisions and neglect the normal day to day activities in life.  People come to us in need of help to start addressing some of the damage done during their addiction.  Our clients generally arrive with their finances in complete disarray.  Often times, they are buried in debt without any idea of where to start.  Our Financial Counseling Program is a great beginning that will teach you the skills needed to get your monthly finances under control.  We provide group and individual therapy sessions to discuss common budgeting practices that will help you to get back on track.  Your overall success in recovery is our number one priority and we work hard to give you the necessary tools to achieve just that.  We want you to become independent with the ability to be able to support yourself.   Learning to be responsible with your money will get you started down the path to financial freedom.

As clients move through our levels of care and reach treatment goals, they will begin to work on managing their own money, which can also help to support a portion of their stay. Clients will also work to make financial amends and begin to pay back court fines if appropriate. We believe in taking a positive approach to financial counseling, whether the client is working on how to budget or how to pay back debt, our team helps clients make clear, concrete choices that they will be able to utilize once they leave the treatment program and enter back into their day-to-day lives.


Our main goal with financial counseling is to help our clients leave our treatment program with a money management plan along with positive ways to handle their relationship with their finances. We believe in both developing financial goals and coming up with a plan to make financial goals a reality.

Family Communication

Addictions of all kinds, including substance abuse, drug addiction, alcohol addiction, and gambling addiction affect not just the client, but the client’s loved ones. Addiction can leave relationships broken and in need of repair. Participation from loved ones can be an important part of recovery. At Compass Recovery Center updates are regularly available to those within the support system.

We believe in respecting the privacy of the client. As part of the intake process we will work together to determine who will be an important part of the client’s support system.

As a loved one who is part of the client’s support system,  you will receive regular updates tailored specifically to your family’s needs. In addition to the regular updates,  you will have a dedicated contact person. You will also receive support around the types of things to expect as your loved one moves through the treatment process, including important skills like how to be supportive, how to continue self-care, and how to set boundaries.

Additionally, we can help walk you through and recommend support networks in your own community. Many communities have 12 step support groups available like Al-anon and Families Anonymous. We are happy to sit down and help you find options that will fit your needs.

While clients are going through our treatment program they have access to multiple clinicians throughout their stay. This allows clients to work on their issues from a variety of angles and experiences, which helps guide them to both self-discovery as well as the development of skills and tools that can lead to a lasting recovery.

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