Compass Recovery Center was founded by brothers, Tim and Ted Michael.  Tim’s wife, Maureen, plays a key role in the day to day operations of the organization as well.  They wanted to find a way to provide help to others in an attempt to honor their deceased father, Tom.  Tom’s entire life had been filled with both kindness and gratitude.  They decided to open Compass Recovery Center in order to provide treatment for individuals battling addiction.  They felt doing so would allow them to continue with their father’s caring way.  During his life, Tom was a Green Thumb Master Gardener, with the amazing ability to grow virtually anything.  His true love was raising beautiful roses.  Over the years, he had become familiar with every type. The ancient Greeks are credited for creating what is now called the ‘Compass Rose.’  The Compass Rose flower has been used to assist with wind, nautical, and astronomical direction.  In the same way, the Michael family believes that Compass Recovery Centers’ addiction treatment programs can help to direct those in need of a new healthy life path.

In Ancient times, the Greeks are credited for creating what we now refer to as the Compass Rose. The Compass Rose represents, Four, eight, sixteen and thirty-two directions of wind. When looking at the various designs of the Compass Rose, and there are many used today, it appears as if it is a blossomed rose, with its petals open and beautiful. Yes, over the many years, it has been used for many different purposes, whether it be nautical, astronomical, directional or wind, but in all those uses, the compass rose is always used to find direction. We believe that Compass Recovery Center does exactly that, assisting those who need to find their direction in life. Ted, Tim and Tim’s wife, Maureen , along with the experienced, educated, wonderful team that make up Compass Recovery Center, fully believe that the people who want help, and complete the Compass program for, gambling addiction, substance abuse, or alcoholism will be following a new positive direction.

We offer Intensive Outpatient Programs (IOP)

Our Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) combined with our gender-specific sober living houses are an effective alternative to expensive residential treatment programs.  We also offer our own Outpatient Program consisting of both group and individual therapy.  This program is available to local individuals that are not residents of our sober living community.

Is Someone You Know Struggling with Addiction?

If you or a loved one struggles with chronic relapses, our individualized treatment programs will help in the transition from traditional 28 day rehabilitation to eventually returning back to a productive life. Our patients receive the next level of addiction treatment while living in a structured, sober community that provides them with a healthy environment for change.

Compass Recovery Center is a State Licensed Outpatient Treatment Program!

Compass Recovery Center offers individualized treatment programs for both substance abuse and gambling addiction. We work with our clients in helping them to address the underlying issues that likely contributed to their addiction.  We are a 12 Step based program that sees the value in working the Steps with a sponsor.  We want to provide a safe and nurturing environment that allows our clients the ability to do the work necessary to build a strong foundation for their long-term recovery.

Comprehensive Addiction Treatment Programs

  • Drug Addiction
  • Gambling Addiction
  • Financial Counseling
  • Alcohol Addiction

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