We get sober and we develop an immediate obsession to get “HEALTHY”. There is nothing wrong with wanting to get healthy, unless, it becomes your new obsession! There is always 1 or more attending clients who relate!

So, nutrition class today focused on Sobriety Nutrition! Eat well, eat healthy, and learn how to do it on a budget. Eating three meals a day, with snacks in between (every 3-4 hours) not only helps reduce cravings for alcohol and drugs, but it helps reduce PAW symptoms (anxiety, restlessness, anger) by stabilizing your mood. Clients at Compass Recovery Center today were able to develop new skills for meal planning, creating a shopping list, and cooking tips. They learned how to cook New Orleans Dirty Rice w/ chicken andouille sausage, lemon pepper chicken breast w/ Quinoa, brown rice & mushrooms and a side garden salad all for $22.

Next week we are off to the local grocery store for an experiential outing complete with shopping tips and instructions!