Helping clients with immediate stress reducing projects is what nutrition group is all about. Clients arrive at Compass Recovery Center with varying degrees of life experience regarding nutrition, meal planning, shopping, and budgeting! Yet, one of the first tasks they will do is go shopping for their week’s food and necessity items (including tobacco and hygiene products). Therefore, nutrition group at Compass Recovery Center works hard to assist clients in learning how to maximize nutritious intake, decreasing PAW symptoms and increasing positive energy, while learning how to budget for other needs without continuing in the belief you only have enough money to eat “Ramen” so you can have your tobacco and hygiene products. How we accomplish this is through planning, shopping, cooking, and of course eating. From creating a meal plan and grocery list, using recipe books and want ads, to a field trip to the grocery store demonstrating how to select on sale items to reduce the food budget, all while learning how to get 12 meals out of $25 are goals of the group. Focus on preparing ahead for your week, reduction of PAW symptoms, nutrition as an asset to recovery energy, self-care for success and stress reduction are weekly discussion topics and helpful in efficacy development.