Getting Through The Holidays Sober – By Mo Michael

Holidays can be a trigger for some people in recovery. Hanging around family and friends that are drinking or using can make it difficult not to take that drink or drug.  So, how does one get through and maintain their

Nutrition and Cooking Class by Jill White-Clinician

Helping clients with immediate stress reducing projects is what nutrition group is all about. Clients arrive at Compass Recovery Center with varying degrees of life experience regarding nutrition, meal planning, shopping, and budgeting! Yet, one of the first tasks they

Gratitude – By Mo Michael

November is National Gratitude Month. At Compass Recovery Center we incorporate gratitude lists into our program. When one is grateful, it is difficult to be depressed. Research shows that staying in gratitude can increase your mood, decrease stress, and have

A message from an alumni.

On this day a year ago I started my journey to recovery. Never in my life did I imagine that "the rehab" I was heading to would change my life completely and significantly. Compass Recovery Center, it's staff and alumni

Why we do what we do to fight addiction – By Mo Michael

When we first started Compass Recovery Center, we wanted to help others and change lives. There are times when this task seems impossible with the relapses and deaths that we hear about in this community. Someone losing their life to

Community Out Patient

At Compass Recovery Center, we recognize that not everyone can take time off from their job, leave their home and family to get the help they need. Compass Recovery Center offers services to the community. You can keep your job,

Gambling Addiction Is Real and There is Help

Gambling addiction is as devastating as all other addictions. There is help. The article below was originally found at   The 50-year-old committed the gambling violation almost immediately after beginning 36 months of federal probation. A gambling addict and

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