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Do I Have a Gambling Problem?

Gambling Problem? Concerned that you may have a gambling problem? You're not alone. Many Americans struggle with a gambling addiction. With that said, it can be hard to determine if you just like gambling a little too much or actually

A message from Matty P. in New York

I want to take a minute to share my love, respect and appreciation for 2 people that don't ever get enough praise for their work. Mo Michael Timmy Michael And their rehab in Arizona called Compass Recovery Center ????? I

Nutrition Class- By Jill White

We get sober and we develop an immediate obsession to get “HEALTHY”. There is nothing wrong with wanting to get healthy, unless, it becomes your new obsession! There is always 1 or more attending clients who relate! So, nutrition class

Team Effort – By Zabrina Boudreau

Many have heard the expression "A Team." This term is widely used in the rooms of AA to mean a group of other addicts that can support someone through tough times or aide in making decisions. These fellow addicts are

Life Skills-By Mo Michael

At Compass Recovery Center, we understand that living life on life's terms can be challenging for those in early recovery. We spend a lot of time with clients around daily life skills. We work on employment skills, nutrition and cooking,

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