Have you noticed that your friend or family member spends an awful lot of time online? Well, they could be addicted to online gambling websites.

Should you intervene?

While online gambling seems fun and harmless, it can often mask a more serious gambling problem.

Many gambling sites offer free-to-play options, but if your loved one is spending real money it could be time to talk to them about addiction.

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Signs Your Spouse Is Addicted to Online Gambling

Have you noticed that money is missing from your household budget? If your loved one is spending too much money on online gambling, they may be struggling with a gambling addiction.

Do you fight about their online game? If you have had more than one fight in the past 12 months about the amount of time and money they spend online, your loved one could be addicted to gambling.

More than 2 million American adults struggle with gambling addiction. Compass Recovery Center offers treatment for people who are addicted to online gambling along with financial recovery programs.

Is your loved one secretive about the time they spend online gambling? If they can’t put the video game down to come to dinner or bed, then they could have a major problem.

Other signs of addiction include hiding bank records, lying about the amount of time they spend online, and being combative when they are asked to stop playing.

Are They Ready to Stop Gambling?

If you’re worried that your spouse or loved one is addicted to online gambling, you should talk to them about treatment options. They may not be ready to hear what you have to say, but it’s important to set expectations and to offer options for recovery.

People who are ready to seek treatment for their gambling addiction often benefit from attending Gamblers Anonymous, a 12-step program that is designed to break them of the habit of online gambling. There are also inpatient treatment options that vary according to the type of insurance you have.

When you talk to your spouse, try to understand that they may not realize that they have a problem. They may not realize that their addiction is causing a major financial crisis, and they may not be willing to seek treatment right away.

Nobody wants to be confronted with their shortcomings, but keeping an even tone and an understanding demeanor may help convince your spouse that it’s time to rebuild financially and mentally.

Reaching Out for Help

More than 25 percent of all people who are addicted to gambling and in-person gambling have experienced a divorce or separation due to their illness.

We offer group and individual therapy and financial counseling. People who are addicted to online gambling can participate in Gamblers Anonymous meetings and work through our 12-step program to recovery.

We work on defusing trauma and on developing recovery skills. If you think that your spouse has a problem with online gambling, contact us online or by phone for in-depth information about treatment and recovery plans.