Gambling can be a fun way to spend some time and maybe even win some money. But if your loved one has an addictive personality, it may be hard for them to stop.

Between families losing thousands of dollars, and an increasingly heated debate about video game loot boxes triggering similar reactions to traditional gambling, addiction to gambling is becoming a bigger problem than ever.

However, you don’t have to lose your loved one (or money) in the throes of gambling addiction. You can stage an intervention as you would if they were addicted to drugs or alcohol.

With that said, an intervention can be an uncomfortable situation. Use this guide to learn how you can pull off an effective gambling addiction intervention while minimizing anger and awkwardness.

Planning The Intervention

Planning an intervention requires a lot of coordination, so allow yourself a few days or weeks to get things ready.

First, choose a location where you’ll stage the gambling addiction intervention. The location should be a private place the addict is familiar with.

Homes and apartments, for instance, are great locations because they offer privacy while offering enough room for multiple guests.

Next, choose who to invite. Those included in the intervention should be people close to the addict, such as family, friends, spouses, and significant others.

Additionally, include anyone the addict may have hurt, whether intentionally or accidentally.

With the two biggest details out of the way, the only thing left to do is choose an appropriate time. This will largely depend on the addict’s schedule. For instance, choose a time close to when the addict arrives home from work or typically leaves to gamble.

You’re likely going to catch them off-guard, but the element of surprise is important here. If they find out about the intervention, they can simply avoid the area.

Choosing The Right Words

Finding the right words to say to your loved one can be tough, as most people don’t deal well with conflict. But now is the time to speak your truth and level with the addict.

Have everyone prepare a few short statements to make to the addict. These are best written down since emotions are running high and nerves may make you lose your train of thought.

Statements should include specifics on how the addict has hurt you or those around you and how you want them to seek help for their gambling addiction.

Don’t Attack The Addict

While you may feel angry or hurt, it’s best to keep a level head during the intervention.

Try and avoid attacking the addict with your statements. They’re likely feeling cornered, saying the wrong thing may make them refuse to seek treatment.

Remind them that you love them are gathered to help them through their recovery.

Final Thoughts on Staging a Gambling Addiction Intervention

Staging an intervention is uncomfortable, difficult, and could be the hardest thing you’ll ever have to do. But your loved one is worth it.

If you or someone you know are suffering from addiction, be it gambling or substance, please encourage them to seek treatment.

At Compass Recovery Center, we offer treatment plans that treat the patient as well as the disease. Get in touch today. A better life for your loved one could be just a few clicks away.