Holidays can be a trigger for some people in recovery. Hanging around family and friends that are drinking or using can make it difficult not to take that drink or drug.  So, how does one get through and maintain their sobriety? Well, here are some tips and helpful hints that can aid one in staying sober through the holidays:

When traveling, avoid the bars at the airport and if you feel like you need extra support, you can pick up any courtesy phone and ask for “friends of Bill W” to be page to whatever gate is closet to you. People that are in the program that hear the page will come to the gate.

Limit your time with friends and family that trigger you.

Avoid seeing old friends that you used or drank with.

Continue your daily routine as best as you can during your travels; daily prayer and meditation, find meetings, call your sponsor and support, gratitude list, etc.

Keep your expectation’s low and acceptance high. Often when one enters recovery and starts to change, they may have expectations that family members should change too. That is not always the case.

If traveling back to an area that you used to drink and use at, avoid going to places where you participated in your addiction.

Plan sober activities ahead of time. Keep to the plan.

Stay connected to your recovery community.

Make sure you are eating and have snacks handy during travel. Hunger can often be a trigger.

Remember: Don’t get





Happy Sober Holidays!!!!