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Tim Michael BHT – Director of Operations

Tim is the owner and Director of Operations at Compass Recovery Center. Tim believes wholeheartedly in the 12 step program and feels that if all people, not just these with addictions followed the 12 steps, our world would be a much better place. Tim’s passion is people and he makes a point of speaking with each and every client who chooses Compass Recovery Center and knowing their story and what, exactly, they wish to accomplish at Compass. Tim teaches a Cognitive Mnemonic Thinking class at Compass that focuses on repairing the brain, using Dr. Daniel Amen’s “Change Your Brain, Change your life” information. Along with his administrative duties, he is a Behavioral Health technician, a Father, Grandfather and husband. All of which he is extremely proud. Tim is familiar with the statistics of the business he is a part of and wants these to change for the positive. There is not a person that passes through Compass Recovery Center that has not been told by Tim, “My door is always open, I want to see you succeed.”

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