Our Philosophy

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At Compass Recovery Center, it is our belief that clients need support during all of the different facets, phases, and nuances of the sober recovery process in order for the client to grow and achieve sobriety. We help to facilitate this by combining structured sober living with outpatient treatment. Traditional 28-day treatment centers can provide much needed services in regards to detox and addiction education, but at Compass Recovery Centers we believe that clients have a far greater chance to achieve sobriety if they attend an extended care program that lasts longer than three months. Our facility is the next step in ensuring full-recovery.  

Compass Recovery Center strives to provide a solid recovery community that ensures both employees and clients are valued and supported. This solidarity between our team and clients helps to promote engagement and deliver a more effective outcome along the recovery process.

Our Approach

Our Intensive Outpatient Program offers a safe, supportive environment for patients to work on processing past traumas while developing coping skills for their new daily life.

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