When I first got into recovery I knew that I wanted to help others and that I wanted something different for compulsive gamblers that reached out for help. All that was available was short 15-30 day residential programs or outpatient therapy. I wanted to create a program that would allow a person to not only heal from the destruction they caused from their gambling but to also come to peace with their drug of “money”. This feat would take longer than 30 days and while the industry kept telling me that a long term gambling program would not work, I knew in my heart that we could make it happen. Last night, the Compass Recovery staff, current and past clients and family members all came together to honor the 1st client to complete the entire compulsive gambling treatment program. He was in the care of Compass Recovery for 6 months and has made some real changes in his life to give him the best opportunity at continued abstinence from gambling. I am blessed to be a part of such an amazing team. Much gratitude~ Mo Michael LSAT, ICGC-I