I want to take a minute to share my love, respect and appreciation for 2 people that don’t ever get enough praise for their work.

Mo Michael
Timmy Michael
And their rehab in Arizona called Compass Recovery Center ?????

I have more females clean and sober over a year that have come out of Compass than any other program combined. It’s absolutely amazing how my Facebook continuously shares females celebrating over a year clean and it is always from Compass. ?

If Any family’s want an amazing life changing program for their loved one, please look at their program. They have gone above and beyond and we share the same beliefs about treatment…Help the person first! Before insurance bullshit, politics and all the other none sense that is involved. If helping the person get better is the #1 priority, amazing things happen and here is the proof. ??

I love Mo and Timmy from the bottom of my heart and can’t thank them enough for doing what they do for my BOOOOMS.

I’d like to help them keep their doors open for years and years and years so if someone needs help, please look into this program. Message me or call me or message them but reach out. They also have a men’s program as well ?

Matty P. – New York