As the saying goes, the first step toward recovery is admitting that you have a problem. If you or a loved are considering quitting gambling due to addiction, the first step may be the easiest.

While overcoming addiction isn’t going to be easy, keeping your eye on what matters can help.

Here are six tips to help you stay focused as you begin your journey to recovery.

1. Know Your Triggers

When you first quit gambling, you’ll come to learn that beating any addiction requires a tremendous amount of personal reflection.

Take a step back and start to look inward. What is it that makes you want to gamble? Yes, the rush of the win feels great, but what’s behind that desire to chase that high?

For most addicts, it’s a certain feeling they’re trying to escape. For instance, you may tend to gamble more when you’ve had a bad day.

Identifying these symptoms can help you in the future. When you have a bad day, take a step back and say, “This is how I tend to act under these circumstances. I will remain aware and in control of my emotions.”

2. Be Open With Friends And Family

Everyone needs a strong support group, especially during difficult times. Make sure to surround yourself with family and friends who will be a good influence on your habits.

Be open about your struggles, even if it’s only with one or two close, trusted friends.

You’d be amazed at how good opening up can feel.

3. Don’t Turn To a New Addiction

You may have heard that bad habits don’t ever disappear, we only replace them.

But what you replace those habits with can be as damaging as your initial addiction.

Avoid common vices like drugs and alcohol, especially if you believe you have an addictive personality.

4. Think About The Big Picture… But Take Things One Day At a Time

It’s important to focus on the overall goal of your recovery, which is to quit gambling. And while looking at the broader scope of things is helpful, it’s also intimidating.

Saying, “I’m never going to gamble again” is way harder than asserting, “I’m not going to gamble today” and taking things one day at a time.

The big picture is important. But it’s made up of smaller, individual pieces. Don’t get so lost in the grand scheme of things that you forget to beat your addiction one day at a time.

5. Give Up Financial Control

Depending on the severity of your gambling addiction, it may be a wise idea to hand over control of your financial assets to a trusted friend or family member.

That doesn’t mean losing all access to money. But it does mean restricting access to things like credit cards, PayPal accounts, and other less tangible financial assets.

6. Change Your Environment

Your environment plays a huge part if your life. We tie locations, people, and even objects to our memories and emotions.

Remaining in an environment filled with bad memories and possible triggers doesn’t seem like a great way to maintain sobriety from gambling.

Consider moving or changing friend groups.

Quitting Gambling Is A Challenge, Stay Focused

To wrap things up, try and take things one day at a time. Quitting gambling isn’t something that can be achieved in a single day. It takes time, and as you can see, plenty of focus.

Make sure to keep each of these six tips in mind as you stay the course and better your life.

If you’re interested in reaching out for help, don’t forget that we’re here to help. Get in touch online or give us a call to take your first step toward a better life.