A gambling addiction is a serious problem. In the US, gambling is a billion-dollar industry grossing nearly $14 billion per year for the economy.

The effects of gambling are serious but many people don’t understand how it can change your life. In this article, we’ll explore the pitfalls of gambling.

1. Most Gamblers Develop Other Addictions

Gambling can be a gateway activity into a life of crime and addiction. Many gamblers already suffer from some type of mental disorder such as depression or anti-social behavior.

Gamblers use their addiction as a way to cope with their mental health issues. This leads them down a slippery slope to self-medication. Alcohol is almost synonymous with casinos and gambling houses.

Drinking may start as a fun activity for gamblers to pass the time. But as their addiction intensifies, alcohol becomes a coping mechanism.

Gamblers may also use other illicit drugs to replicate the “high” of gambling and winning money.

Drug addiction coupled with the effects of gambling is a recipe for disaster. The gambler will use their money to pay off debts and buy more alcohol and drugs. It creates a vicious cycle that’s hard to break.

2. Gamblers Lose Their Jobs

The only way a gambler can place bets is by using money. Most gamblers are regular people that work a 9-5 to pay their bills. When gambling starts to take over their life, it interferes with their work productivity.

Gamblers will start to use their work computer to access internet gambling sites. They’ll spend all day placing bets instead of doing their work.

If they don’t have access to computers at work, they’ll use their phones.

Eventually, the gambler will call out from work repeatedly and lose their job. With no steady money coming in, the gambler becomes desperate and turns to crime to pay off their debts.

3. Gamblers Turn to a Life of Crime

Gamblers have trouble holding down steady jobs but they need money so they’ll often turn to criminal activities. Many gamblers steal to keep up with their debts.

They’ll start borrowing money from friends and loved ones and when that doesn’t work, they’ll steal it. Many gamblers turn to credit card scamming, fraud, and robbery to fund their addiction.

Gamblers can also start selling drugs and get involved with other underground activity to feed their addiction.

Chronic gamblers have already built relationships with shady people like bookies so these people can introduce them to criminals and other unsavory individuals.

4. Gamblers Have Trouble Maintaining Relationships

One of the biggest effects of gambling is the destruction of the family unit. Many gamblers wind up divorced due to their gambling addiction.

They cannot maintain romantic relationships because their addiction consumes their life.

Gamblers often have strained relationships with their children. They will neglect their children and won’t feed or care for their child properly.

They will also bring their children with them to unsafe places so they can gamble. Some gamblers will leave their children in the car for hours while they place bets.

Gamblers are known to lie about their whereabouts and manipulate loved ones for money. Their erratic behavior makes it difficult to maintain ties with family members.

5. Gamblers Are Always In Debt

It goes without saying that most gamblers are always in debt due to their addiction. They hardly have any money coming in because they don’t work and they use all their money to gamble, neglecting important bills like rent and car payments.

Many gamblers end up losing their homes, cars, and other belongings. A lot of gamblers sell their personal belongings to get money to gamble.

Oftentimes, gamblers end up homeless or staying with family and friends.

Save Yourself or a Loved One from the Dangerous Effects of Gambling

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